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ACES 101: Building Blocks and Basics
ACES 101 provides a basic introduction into the concept of the ACES catalog standard. The seminar addresses frequently asked questions, common mistakes and misunderstandings.
ACES 102: A Case for ACES
ACES 102 builds on the knowledge gained in ACES 101, and includes the various ways the ACES catalog standard delivers real-world business benefits.
ACES 201: Getting Started Level I
ACES 201 presents an explanation of the rules-based specification for accurate delivery of ACES catalog data between trading partners.
ACES 202: Getting Started Level II
ACES 202 builds on the knowledge gained in ACES 201, and discusses exceptions to data delivery rules, mapping techniques, migration issues with legacy formats. Also includes tips, tricks and best-practices.
AFTERMARKET 100: Aftermarket Fundamentals & Structure - Brian Cruickshank Session 1
An intoductory course on the motor vehicle aftermarket, with particular focus on channels of distribution and customer contacts.
Courses 1 to 5 of 18 Next Last